About Me

I’m J.Lowe! I’ve been an athlete all my life. And, while I love exercising and am obsessed with everything health and wellness, you could imagine how surprised I was a few years ago, when I suddenly found myself suffering from horrible digestive issues, eczema, allergies and depression.

I tried tons of holistic remedies and self-diagnoses. Then, I tried finding professional solutions, but nothing seemed to work! Finally, I found an incredible holistic doctor who diagnosed me with, now brace yourselves, "Leaky Gut."

It sounds horrible, but what it actually is, is when the stomach lining is too permeable and allows toxins and food particles into your blood stream causing all kinds of health problems.

Thanks to this diagnosis, I was challenged to make some dietary and lifestyle changes to heal my body and take back my life — and as much as I love good food and wine (I live in New Orleans, after all!), I became more committed than ever to my health & wellness.

Now, I've taken everything I've learned to help empower active, smart women who are already super health conscious to live even better. The most shocking part about my diagnosis and healing is that even though I thought I was living well, there were so many symptoms associated with my condition, that I had no idea about.

And, while it was hard for me to make certain lifestyle shifts, I specialize in empowering clients with the right tools to make a big change in mindset, so that the journey towards wellness can be done with real ease and grace.

A little more about me:

I've been teaching yoga for six years and received my 200-hour certification from Corepower Yoga in 2011, then a 300-hour certification from the Soul of Yoga in 2013. In that time, I've taught class for corporate offices such as Billabong and Weedmaps, led workshops across the country, and coached programs and trainings!

I am so inspired to help other people heal and transform their own bodies with yoga and clean eating, so that they can be more energized, centered and confident in their own lives.

If you're wondering why you're doing all the right things, but still not getting the results you want, come talk to me, and I can help you figure it out!